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Together with your kids, make a set of family rules for dating. This is cute enough to be displayed in your home or teen’s room!

We’ve also included a Blank Dating Rules template for you to create your own, family specific rules. This includes asking out your date, planning an activity and getting yourself clean — looking and smelling good to present your best self.

We want to start those good habits now with your kids!

Do some role playing and have your teen pretend to call and ask someone out.

Have them be asked out as well so they know how to accept or respectfully decline an invitation.“Hanging out” is fun, but oftentimes it leads to boredom, which leads to trouble.

Planning different and exciting activities for dates will keep things from getting awkward and will be SO much more fun!

We’ve come up with 3 main lessons to teach your teenager about dating. Well as young teenagers, dating is important to learn social skills, and to have FUN!

It might be a good idea to split them up and do them on 3 different occasions. Help your teen understand that it isn’t healthy to get in serious relationships before reaching a certain maturity level. Setting all of these expectations early will set you up for success. What kinds of activities are ok, and what would make them uncomfortable?

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Having your own wheels gives you control should the date go bad.

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  1. Having an interest in what he does, and various police cases or procedures will help keep conversations flowing and let him see that you think he is interesting. This may be the hardest part about dating a male cop.