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This is the default provider for ADO, and all provider-dependent ADO properties and methods are supported.

To connect to this provider, set the Provider= argument of the Connection String property to: Note If you are connecting to a data source provider that supports Windows authentication, you should specify Trusted_Connection=yes or Integrated Security = SSPI instead of user ID and password information in the connection string.

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC inserts several dynamic properties into the Properties collection of the unopened Connection, Recordset, and Command objects.

The following tables are a cross-index of the ADO and OLE DB names for each dynamic property.

The following properties are added to the Connection object's Properties collection.

For details regarding specific implementation and functional information about the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC, see the OLE DB Programmer's Reference or visit the Data Access and Storage Developer Center Web site on MSDN.

For the Command Text property of a Command object, the Each ? For more detailed information about Recordset behavior for your provider configuration, run the Supports method and enumerate the Properties collection of the Recordset to determine whether provider-specific dynamic properties are present.

Although increasingly more database vendors are implementing OLE DB interfaces, some data sources are not yet exposed this way.As an alternative to setting a DSN, you can specify the ODBC driver (DRIVER=), such as "SQL Server;" the server name (SERVER=); and the database name (DATABASE=).You can also specify a user account name (UID=), and the password for the user account (PWD=) in the ODBC-specific parameters or in the standard ADO-defined parameter when you use a DSN.However, most DBMS systems in use today can be accessed through ODBC.ODBC drivers are available for every major DBMS in use today, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access (Microsoft Jet database engine), and Microsoft Fox Pro, in addition to non-Microsoft database products such as Oracle.

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The Microsoft ODBC Provider, however, allows ADO to connect to any ODBC data source. The provider supports transactions, although different DBMS engines offer different types of transaction support.