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Rory gilmore girls sex storys

She rubbed them with her fingertips; with her palms.

Under the nylon of her blue pantyhose Rory's skin felt smooth and slick to her touch. Rory had levered one shoe off and her stocking covered toes were pressing at the heel of the other. It seems that I'm not the only one who dressed with wicked ideas today." "I was hoping" admitted Rory, who hooked one leg around Paris and dropped the other so the side of her nylon foot could caress the blonde's leg above her sock.

"I've got you now and there's nothing you can do about it," the brunette teased. When Rory jumped and muffled a cry into her neck Paris spun around, the other girl's grip on her loosened by her distraction. The pair rolled on the desk together, wrestling for real now.

She pushed Rory back onto the desk top and climbed on top of both desk and girl. Kicking legs and flailing arms scattered the desk set and the varnished nameplate and the papers left there. Rory managed twice to capture a breast that wobbled above her as Paris fought her way out of blazer and blouse and then undressed the other girl. Paris rose abruptly in triumph with Rory's bra in her hands to wave like a captured flag.

He closed the door behind him and there was a loud "Click" as the old fashioned lock turned. Paris buried her face in her hands, trying to stifle the sounds of her merriment. "You had your arms around me and were trying to back me into that corner." "So I wanted you all to myself." defended Rory.

For nearly a minute neither girl moved from her chair nor uttered a word. Rory snatched up a small pillow and nearly swallowed it. "It wasn't the first time and it certainly isn't now," answered Rory. Rory got up from her chair and perched herself on the massive oak table. "Besides, YOU started it with that little touch on my leg that Mr.

Then at break the pair of you nearly started to wrestle each other!

" he dropped the report and peered over his glasses at the two apparently contrite girls.

Her hands slid under the hem of the brunette's plaid skirt, exploring her friend's legs.Her hands dropped to the spread thighs that imprisoned her." How would they know that we're 'hormonally charged teenagers'?" "Because ALL teenagers are." Rory's legs wrapped around Paris and held her firmly. They just don't realize WHO our hormones are charged about." With that Rory trailed kisses up under the thick blonde hair until her lips pressed against the other girl's ear.Rory started trembling, slightly at first, then more so. Both of them looked straight ahead as if they were afraid to look at each other. Eventually they both wound down and regained some of their normal composure, although each time they looked at each other deep chuckles erupted again. She waggled her finger at Paris and looked down her nose. Medina thought was a poke." "I'm just amazed at how completely wrong everyone managed to interpret what was going on," said Paris thoughtfully.Twice the focal point Rory's blue eyes moved towards Paris and twice they snapped back to the now vacant desk. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair until her knuckles became white. The tension in the room reached an incredible level. "Not that I consider that a bad thing." Rory agreed. " a surprised Paris answered as she stood in front of Rory, turning to look at the clock mounted on the wall next to the door. I know we have had no chance to really be together since that one night but we still have to behave.

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The Student Body President and a fine scholar who bodes well to be this year's Valedictorian." He thought for a moment. I remember there was a problem once before like that." "Absolutely NOT sir." Rory replied while Paris got a very funny look on her face.