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Roman polanski dating service

We were on the patio, waiting for Sharon, when suddenly she appeared. "We sat next to each other and she was very nervous, almost like a deer, but she had this beautiful, perfect face.

She had this little scar on the left of her face against all this perfection, and when I reached over to touch it, I could feel her react.

When he was cast to star in Ryan's Daughter, Jones was already being heralded as the new James Dean after his role in the cult movie Wild In The Streets opposite Shelley Winters. There was a huge buzz surrounding him - a factor which partly explains why so American an actor (Jones was born in Tennessee) should have been chosen to play so English a role, in the shape of Major Doryan.

Set in Ireland's Dingle Peninsula, the story follows Rosy (Sarah Miles), the wife of schoolmaster Charles Shaughnessy (Robert Mitchum), who has an affair with the dashing English officer Doryan, who arrives to take command of the local Army base.

But throughout all this, there has been one aspect of Sharon Tate's story of which even Polanski has not been fully aware - her relationship with the actor Christopher Jones. Most famous for his role as Major Randolph Doryan in David Lean's epic, Ryan's Daughter, Jones embarked on an affair with Tate when she was six weeks pregnant with Polanski's child and has not, until now, spoken fully of their relationship. "I don't think I'm betraying any confidence by talking about it.

The events have been endlessly discussed, even by Roman Polanski, who finds himself the subject of yet another biography - Polanski by Christopher Sandford - to be published next week.

After filming on Ryan's Daughter was completed, Jones gave up acting for 26 years. He insists it is "partly because I want to see if God strikes me dead for talking about it. Other women I've been with, I couldn't remember if my life depended on it, but she stuck in my mind." The couple started their affair in Rome in 1969 while Jones was filming the movie Brief Season with his then lover, actress Pia Degermark.

Tate, who was flying out to Rome with her friend, Jones's manager Rudy, had by then been married to Roman for a year.

She said he was stuck in London having trouble with his passport.

"We were talking and getting closer, and although her skirt was riding right up, she wasn't bothering to pull it down.

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"I don't feel guilty." Now aged 66, Christopher has retained his looks, although it is clear that the intervening years haven't always been kind to him.

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