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Familiar fare requires less mental energy to process,” writes Derek Thompson. On sex and TV, and which classic movies have you not seen?“And when something is easy to think about, we tend to consider it good.” For my friend Kara, it’s about knowing exactly where a show will take you, no surprises. I could go on and on and on.” Maybe most important, though, is the nostalgia we feel, whether it’s for the on-screen experiences or the memory of the years when we first saw the show. NB: Clifton Museum is temporarily closed due to structural cracks in the main building of the old Butter Factory.We thank our many visitors over the last 28 years and hope to see you all again.There was a butter factory in the town as early as 1908 but this handsome and substantial brick building was completed in 1933 and produced butter until it closed in 1966.

^ TOP Clifton Historic Museum The town's museum is housed in the old butter factory in King Street.The museum was opened in 1988 and is a typical vernacular rural museum with highlights including a 1930's early hospital ward, and some interesting movie memorabilia.The bricks for the museum were manufactured in Toowoomba and transported by rail to Clifton.But how is the initial appeal not lost when watching something over and over?“Psychologists have found that repetition breeds affection.

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She returned to Australia, died in Toowoomba on 30 November 1952 and is buried in the Nobby cemetery.