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Now in her twenties, the bubbly blonde says she has dated regular blokes “for the diversity” but keeps on returning to rich men.

“I just remember why I like to date rich men,” she says, laughing.

Taking that dismal fact into consideration, doesn’t it make sense to look for someone with money?

Thankfully, according to experts, the answer is NO.

A woman who says she’s dated her fair share of millionaires spoke to News Corp Australia candidly about the ups and downs of entering a relationship for money – and warned you better be prepared to be “submissive”, expect competition and don’t try to make the men change.

Lose weight, get a nip tuck and dress to his liking?

And in doing so, potentially give up a chance at true love?

“I guess they know, but I’m really upfront; I tell them ‘if you can’t support me, I can’t support you’. “That’s what they don’t like, that I’m not in love with them,” she says.

“If I don’t love them after a period of time, I give it up.” On the flip side, she hopes to fall in love too.

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Staying fit as well as being bubbly and socially apt are a must.” Tracey warns when you date a rich man you have to accept that other women will be swimming around him like sharks.

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