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Once I got on the pill and learned that my mom had taken it in the past, I’d talk with her about its side effects to establish a non-awkward, relevant conversation stream.

Note: If you’re a woman starting a conversation with your mom, menstruation humor can be a great go-to.

These sort of patterns point to an unfortunate reality: Talking about your sexual health with your parents—especially when it’s the first time—can be difficult, and may even seem risky.

A lot of the time though, it’s a risk worth taking.

(There are many things that bond us as women—leverage them!

” What they didn’t realize was that I had tried many, many times. If anything, I talked him into it.” My PR statement of 2003.

At the end of my freshman year, I met the guy I would date for most of high school. I could feel my mom getting angry next to me—she was shaking slightly. She’s a bitch.” (I don’t call women bitches anymore, but back then I did. I held it during the whole of my first gynecological exam, and squeezed it tightly.

When my mom found out I was having sex (I repeat: “found out”) back in the day, it wasn’t an ideal situation.

I decided to take an informal poll of young women from lots of different backgrounds to find out how of us don’t experience an ideal situation. 3) Their mom stumbled upon a condom, a birth control pill pack, etc.

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If you haven’t talked to your mom about these things, give it a shot.

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  1. I still do make a conscious effort to reach out to girls and gauge whether they’re genuine or not, though – that’s part of the territory because it’s important that everyone knows if they’re getting the real deal. Porn Geek – has your boy ever suggested a place that’s less than perfect?