Questions on christian dating

Posted by / 04-Nov-2020 10:05

I explained that I had been in a point of my life wher I consumed myself with it and that in the Bible it says to remain Sober and if something doesn’t bring glory to God then it is not pushing me towards him.

Along with that I explained that it didn’t put a good image with Christianity and my walk as a Christian if I am causing others to fall and being disobedient myself.

I am 18 About 7 months ago I was in a relationship that drug me away from God for over a year and in that year I consumed myself with pot, alcohol, vaping, sex you name it.Looking for ANSWERS about abortion, fetal development, sex and more? ”, “Is abortion justifiable in case of rape or incest? How can ministries find the best candidates to fill positions? Jesus was a friend to all types of people, even those with loose morals, wasn’t he?She tells me she’s been through ups and downs but she’s generally directed towards God and I could see that.After that she asked what my opinion on drinking was.

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