Prevent steam from updating

Posted by / 05-Feb-2020 05:50

Prevent steam from updating

Sadly I doubt Bethesda would have the vision to do this. This should make it easier for modders and Bethesda to find the cause of bugs in each patch.

It always depends on what mods you use and their requirements for other mods.

GOG Galaxy allows you to set Auto Updates for each game and they provide manual installers as well, it's up to you which you use.

Falout 4 doesn't have that option and Steam doesn't allow you to turn off Auto Updates for just one game.

Even when I verified the integrity of the cache to switch from manual to NMM, it only queued the required files.

I had to set them going manually, just like I need to.

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Updating both the Game and mods can break your game and/or mods, when done automatically.