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A defined silhouette and balanced composition allow collectors to view the unforgettable battle from any angle as it unfolds over a base representing Attack on Titan’s walled cities—a grim reminder of humanity’s helplessness against the Titans.

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A Poisoned Chalice: noun, an assignment, award, or honour which is likely to prove a disadvantage or source of problems to the recipient.

Eren is a titan living outside the walls, living in complete isolation by avoiding other titans.

Injected with the Power of the Titans, Eren joins the elite Survey Corps of Titan-slaying soldiers and learns to master his ability to transform into a 15-meter Titan.

With each battle, he brutalizes his giant foes with the raw strength of a Titan combined with the deadly hand-to-hand combat learned during his training.

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As panicked Eldians fled the city while Titans swarmed in, Reiner's Armored Titan advanced to the north gate and charged it, breaking through and breaching the northern part of Wall Maria.

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  1. The show continued to dominate its cable time period during its second season, ranking #1 across key measures Adults 18–34, Women 18–34, Adults 18–49, Women 18–49, Viewers 12–34 and Females 12–34.

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