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Omnicom consolidating agencies 2016

Amongst media agencies, Hearts & Science topped the chart with AT&T and Direc TV, followed by Media Com, with Fan Duel, and Universal Mc Cann, with BMW.

USBehind the BBDO AT&T review, Mc Cann picked up some spots winning Chik-Fil-A from The Richards Group, and Publicis aligned all of Hewlett Packard Enterprise from Omnicom.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers isn’t far behind: Its billion Experience Center was built on seven agency acquisitions.

Deloitte’s and IBM’s digital agencies, Deloitte Digital and IBM i X, respectively, each did over a billion dollars in revenue in 2016. Many have been making their own incursions on the "business transformation" territory that is consultants' home turf.

BBDO charged into the top spot of R3’s global new business chart for July with AT&T’s consolidation with Omnicom.

Spend Money To Make Money: How Big Tech Powers Global Ad Growth Huff Post Created A Loyalty Funnel To Deepen Reader Engagement Amazon Is Testing A Clean Room Service, Giving Advertisers Access To New Data Sets Inside Uber’s Fraud Suit Against Phunware Google Chrome Will Protect Programmatic As It Enhances User Privacy IAB Launches A Consent Framework That Google Will (Finally) Join Next Year Facebook’s Third-Party Data Clearing Tool Is Finally Going Live (But Not In The United States Yet) Omnicom Jumps On Linked In Audience API For Platform Data It Can Actually Use TV Broadcasters Are Hot On Addressable – But CCPA Might Hamper Their Plans One of the many pressures facing holding companies is increased competition from management and IT consultancies like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

During the company’s second-quarter earnings this past July, new CEO Arthur Sadoun declared his ambition to make Publicis “the leader in marketing and business transformation.” But figuring out Sapient’s role in Publicis has been a signs of success. Sapient won a big account for Mc Donald’s in August, in which it will create technology such as mobile ordering systems.

“We’re connecting the strategy and technology to something that a consumer is actually going to experience,” said Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis. “There’s a huge opportunity ahead of us to go from talking about building a brand through designing an experience and transforming systems to underpin that.” To get to this opportunity, Publicis Groupe has spent the past three years restructuring its billion business to break down silos between its agencies and integrate them with Sapient’s consulting offer.

Sister agency DDB also moved up one ranking to number six with the global win for SEAT, part of the Volkswagen Group.

Amongst media agencies, Omnicom’s Hearts & Science took on their second client after P&G in AT&T, but the win was still not enough to move sister agency PHD off the number one position.

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