Ocs presence not updating 8 simple rules for dating my daughter full episodes

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It worked without it before, but could this be the problem?If so, how do I determine what to use as the href and User ID? NETEagel, this is implemented in HTML and Java Script.On checking the js files I realized that the mouseover and mouseout events are defined for the span and embedding the img tag within the span is mandatory. With Regards Prakash Sobhani @Unnie, this code would go on whatever page you want to include a presence [email protected], thanks for the catch on the code.

When you hover over them, they provide details about the person In Share Point 2007 (or any other web page), whenever I needed to display a presence icon in custom code, I just use the following HMTL/CSS/Java Script: Hi Jacob Thanks for the code example.

So I suppose I need to get the x and y coords of the iframe and then apply these to the presence icon ?

Or, what is the id or class of the presence icon, so I could add CSS manually ? Have tried using local copies of the SP scripts, referencing them as our SP server. Thought perhaps it might be a cross domain issue, but can't get it to work localhost, dev server or live server.

Because of the Active X integration, it doesn't work in Chrome, Fire Fox, etc. @Brian, if you have a Share Point server, the and files should be located in the corresponding locations mentioned above (note you'll need to change the name of the server to match your Share Point server).

If you don't have a Share Point server, you could try finding a publicly accessible one and downloading the files.

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I upgraded to Lync and I have the new icons/pop without changing any of the HTML and Java Script.

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