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My younger sister got on my nerves often enough, but older girls…

Now, older girls had boobs, and pubic hair, and other things that I knew I liked. You’ll see.” ✧ ✧ ✧ I’d like to say that my life changed dramatically during the summer of 1975, but the truth is much more mundane.

The four weeks that my family spent at the camp seemed to race by, and it was all too soon that we had to return to “the real world” in Savannah.

Every summer after that, we spent several weeks at “Aunt Susan’s.” There was only one hiccup in our family routine over the next few years.

They told us about the big spring-fed lake, the playground, the games, the sports, and all the other fun things to do there.

When they told us that the camp was a “family camp,” and that there would be other kids our age, that seemed to cinch it for Erin.

I certainly had to hide my share of painful and unwieldy erections, but I got used to it.

And it did provide me with some wonderful fantasy material for masturbating, whenever I could find the time alone; which was as often as I could, those first couple of weeks.

Some would stay for a week or two and then leave, some families stayed longer, and still others seemed to spend the entire summer there.I certainly got my fill of looking at tanned and naked teenage girls.When you’re around nudity all the time, however, the naughty aspect of it all kinda wears off. So I’ve broken it into volumes that are each about the size of a normal book. The summer after I finished sixth grade, we went on a vacation that would change my life forever.That’s okay, because the next volume picks up where this one leaves off. They didn’t flaunt themselves in front of us, but they didn’t hide their bodies when we’d come into their room, or any other time we might see them without their clothes.

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” “I asked who was on the phone,” she said again, indulgently. You didn’t talk long.” “No.” Seeing the expression on my face, my wife grew concerned. ” Looking up at her, I drew myself back to the present, shaking my head again to clear my thoughts. ✧ ✧ ✧ My story really begins when I was twelve and my family lived in Savannah, Georgia.

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