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Normal people dating site

Another type of common deception is sextortion, which usually begins as a normal relationship between two people who begin to know each other until the scammer tries to take the conversation off the dating platform, such as, for example, to Whats App.

Here, the criminal will try to convince the victim to send some risqué photos or intimate videos …

The 67-year-old widower who met a scammer claiming to be someone called Sophia Goldstein whom he met through the online dating site Match.

Soon after establishing a relationship, the miscreant, who claimed to also be from Canada, began asking for financial help to solve various non-existent problems that the scammer invented.

time to settle in for the winter with someone special.The scammer requested and received the victim’s phone number, then once trust was established, convinced the victim to send money with a promise to return the ‘loan’ once they finally met in person.Users of online dating sites and apps should bear in mind that anyone can be deceived. The embrace of online dating services, such as dating apps or virtual places to meet people, is a phenomenon that has occurred worldwide.According to Global Webindex, in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, apps and dating sites are accepted at about 45%, while in the United States and Europe the figure is about 28%.

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Over a period of eight months before he died, the victim made a total of 19 bank transfers of more than CA$730 thousand dollars to an account in Malaysia.

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