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Figure 1 shows a screen capture from the Corn GDD Tool in which I selected "Tippecanoe Co., IN", a start date (aka planting date) of May 31, a relative hybrid maturity rating of 112 "days", and a freeze temperature threshold of 28F. The tool displays default values for GDDs to silking and black layer, but these can modified by the user. The GDD Tool is currently available for the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. https:// [URL accessed May 2019] National Climatic Data Center.

A related, and economic, concern with delayed planting of normal full-maturity hybrids is the risk of high grain moisture contents at harvest and the resulting costs incurred by artificial drying of the grain or price discounts by buyers. However, by about the last week of May, some growers in the central and, especially, northern parts of Indiana need to consider switching to earlier-maturity hybrids to minimize the risk of not maturing safely prior to a killing fall freeze. The steps outlined in this article will help growers and consultants determine "safe" hybrid maturities for late planting. elayed planting seasons create a lot of frustrations for everyone involved with planting crops. One of the agronomic questions that comes up when planting is seriously delayed is whether farmers should consider switching from their normal full-season maturity hybrids to shorter-maturity hybrids.

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The traditional "days to maturity" rating system for hybrids (Nielsen, 2012) does not literally refer to calendar time and so is not helpful in making decisions about switching to early-maturity hybrids with delayed planting.