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Since the end of the 15th century, the migration of Europeans to the Americas has led to centuries of population, cultural, and agricultural transfer and adjustment between Old and New World societies, a process known as the Columbian exchange.As most Native American groups had historically preserved their histories by oral traditions and artwork, the first written sources of the conflict were written by Europeans.But powwows like this also share the tribes’ way of life with the public.Visitors in lawn chairs watch daughters and mothers in matching bell-trimmed calico dresses dance to the music their dresses make.The center also inlcudes meeting and conference facilities, cafe and gift shop. A national historic landmark, this museum interprets the rich archaeology and history of a 17th century Huron Indian village, Marquette's French Jesuit Mission, and local Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian traditions and contemporary culture. Open Memorial Day weekend to early December or by appointment.The unique gift shop features an outstanding selection of authentic, locally-made Certified Native American art, crafts and gift items, and has the area's largest selection of native books.

You will be able to learn where they came from, their population, where they lived, their history & rights movement, their culture, festivals, clothing, totems, houses, food, religion, gods, symbols and many more with pictures and videos.

At onepoint, voyageurs show off the steel knives traded to area tribes; later they line up to battle them. Pleasant, is to teach you about the Anishinabe Culture and life ways through education and exhibits.

Learn about the heritage of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan through exhibits and our research center.

When the United States was created, established Native American tribes were generally considered semi-independent nations, as they generally lived in communities separate from British settlers.

The federal government signed treaties at a government-to-government level until the Indian Appropriations Act of 1871 ended recognition of independent native nations, and started treating them as "domestic dependent nations" subject to federal law.

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In the 1600s, when American Indians first came into contact with Europeans in the Great Lakes region, two Native American ethnic groups inhabited the land that would eventually become the State of Illinois.

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