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Anyone claiming to have patients with two or more personalities had a difficult task convincing those in academia that such was possible.

This conflict of views between those therapists dealing daily with dissociated patients (some exhibiting dozens of alter-personalities, or "alters") and academic teachers who spent more of their days teaching and doing research than actually treating severely ill patients, came to a boil with the need to revise DSM III.

The teachers wanted to eliminate MPD altogether, and replace it with "Dissociative Identity Disorder" or DID.

I heard one of these teachers say in public, "Everybody is born with only one personality.

(Since I was not present for the deliberation, these ideas are only reasonable conclusions from what I heard from others who were there and position statements published about the debate.) So the patients still had a problem, but it was redefined as a different problem than the one their therapists were treating them for.

Instead of therapists trying to integrate "alters" into an original personality, they should now focus their attention on the patients "delusion" that they did not have a single identity.

The goal of therapy should not be integrating the various personalities, but getting the patients over their false belief (delusion) that they had other personalities at all.DSM I (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version I) was created after WWI to provide a framework for labeling post-war psychiatric causalities.DSM II was written after WWII for the same purpose.Now the teachers expected the treaters to treat the patients' "identity disorder," as no one could really have multiple personalities.When the decision was reported out of committee, the teachers had won, and MPD suddenly ceased to exist.

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Remember, these were written in the USA by American psychiatrists.