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When asked during a survey in 2017 which dating app singles would consider using if they were to date online, roughly one quarter answered they would consider using Tinder.This was especially the case among people under 30.Open direct messaging with an additional voice recording feature.

As of 2018, Tinder was said to be the most popular, with roughly 50 percent of the Dutch singles who are actively looking for a relationship indicating that they make use of it. This numbers provided here are the results of a survey asking for the most popular dating apps in the Netherlands in 2018.The companies behind the dating apps rarely share user numbers on the Netherlands specifically, so most data on this topic comes from individual surveys.According to numbers provided by Priori Data, the Tinder app was downloaded around 570,000 times in the Netherlands in 2018.Needs and preferences are evaluated in 100 questions.Psychological aspects of the personality reveal in 30-question tests - and let us tell you, some of those look in-depth of your heart and soul.- Outdated interface;- The website requires a lot of personal information and requires users to provide lengthy answers during registration.

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There is no reason for worries - it features only several thousands of questions, and they are all short and to the point.

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