Most intimidating names

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Most intimidating names

That said, Mehrabian writes that many parents handicap their kids by giving them less desirable names--even when they have the best of intentions.As a fairly new parent myself, I remember the many, many hours that my wife and I put into choosing our daughter's name.What might be a surprise to the casual fan is the fact that lots of the mainstream popular wrestlers actually go by a fake name.A name like John Cena is a real one, however, his former fiancée Nikki Bella goes by a fake name.According to research from UCLA, there's another choice that any parent can make, regardless of financial means: It's to give their children first names that leverage other people's biases--and that are more likely to make other people respect them at first meeting, and assume that they are successful, throughout their lives.

As for his middle name Nelson, we rarely hear anything about that unless it’s on his travel documentation. Ironically, it was a coach that gave him the nickname Doc, it stuck with the NBA coach ever since.The same goes for some other wrestling stars we feature on the list.Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend.A name change might be a lot more common than most might think, especially in the world of pro sports.Whether it be in the NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC or other sporting platforms, we’ve seen evidence of a name changes more than a couple of times.

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His real name, we rarely hear about is Leati Joseph Anoa’i’.

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