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He also frequently appeared alongside River Song (Alex Kingston), a fellow time traveller with whom he shared a romantic storyline, and was the last Doctor to appear alongside the long-serving companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) prior to the actress' death, featuring in two episodes of the spin-off programme The Sarah Jane Adventures.The Doctor is a very special part, and it takes a very special actor to play him.Within the show's narrative, the Doctor is a centuries-old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels in time and space in his TARDIS, frequently with companions.At the end of life, the Doctor can regenerate his body; in doing so, his personality and physical appearance change.In the final episodes "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang", an unknown force makes the TARDIS explode, causing the universe to collapse in on itself.Though he closes the cracks —reversing their effects and preventing the explosion— the Doctor himself is erased from history.In "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon", Amy, Rory and River witness a future version of the Doctor murdered, which they vow to keep a secret from the present-day Doctor as they encounter hypnotic aliens called "the Silence".

As soon as Matt walked through the door, and blew us away with a bold and brand new take on the Time Lord, we knew we had our three series as well as five specials, over an almost four-year-long period.As with previous incarnations of the Doctor, the character has also appeared in other Doctor Who multimedia.Steven Moffat describes the Eleventh Doctor as an "old man trapped in a young man's body" and Matt Smith characterises him as someone with "a lot of blood on his hands" who copes via constant travelling and thrill-seeking.Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, filming "The Eleventh Hour"; Smith is wearing a tattered version of his predecessor's costume, which led to the Eleventh Doctor earning the nickname "Raggedy Doctor." (2009) The Eleventh Doctor first appears in the final scene of The End of Time (2010) when his previous incarnation regenerates.

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In "A Good Man Goes to War", the Doctor calls in old favours from across time and space to raise an army to rescue Amy from Demons Run, an asteroid in the 52nd century being used as a base by a religious order, but is unable to rescue her child, Melody Pond.