Marriage and dating in iran dating bahrain online 2016

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Marriage and dating in iran

On the whole Iranians dress up formally even for ordinary parties and dressing up casually is reserved for very informal occasions with immediate members of the family.Formal dressing for men always included suite and tie, however since the Islamic revolution some Muslims have dropped the tie and identify it as a Western symbol.On the other hand the modern classes normally strive to guarantee the equality of sexes and eliminate gender discrimination.Tradition is mostly based on religion particularly Islam and its prescribed codes of behavior, however it contains elements that are much older.Division of labor could be a relatively simple division between the public (mens work) and domestic (womens work) for the poor and/or uneducated, or a technical division in sophisticated work environments for highly trained and educated professional males and females.Generally the lower and uneducated classes may regard females as inferior or different who are entitled to a lesser position in the society.ranian culture is Class based, traditional and patriarchal.Tradition for most is rooted in religion and class and patriarchy have been constant features of Iranian society since ancient times.

Many amongst the modern and younger generations growing up in the Western countries have adopted the current life styles in such societies and might not be distinguishable form the majority or follow their own individual style, however once in the company of Iranians many still follow the expected codes.

At the same time it is well accepted for the individuals from the same sex to kiss on both cheeks, hold, embrace and hug each other whether they are related or not.

Iranians are very conscious about the way they dress and on the whole they dress well and dress codes are very important in distinguishing modern and traditional groups.

For example the prominent position allocated to family as reflected in the Islamic sources and legal codes is a continuation of universal practices adopted by most Eastern societies since ancient times.

What makes a difference with respect to Islam is the belief held by many Muslims that Islam is a body of values, ideas and beliefs that should encompass all spheres of life, including personal and social relationships, economics and politics.

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Wearing shorts or tank tops and heavy make up by girls will be regarded as indecent and corrupt.

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