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That’s why Mallorca and dating holidays are the just right combo.Because, each of our members are just craving for emotions and romance. What is the summer vacation on Mediterranean if you don’t take a walk in a shallows?All those hormones are mixing together while you’re going up and down through the treetops, making a perfect combo for the – kiss, or at least a warm hug, once you finish with the track. Not to mention that your date, due to the extent exposure to adrenaline, will be hungry as hell, so there’s a great “add-on” to the entire adventure or the “next thing” you can do with your date – enjoy some great dish together.Trust us when we say – you’ll have something to talk about.Taking your Mallorca date at one of the following places will radically improve your dating and holiday experience.Here we go: It’s a tree adventure, with two types of courses – easier and die hard one. Among all attractions in Mallorca, people picked Jungle Parc as one of the top 10 things to do in Mallorca.

And each is accompanied with easy-to-find great reviews (which you can check online of course, if you don’t believe us.

Traditionally, smaller Mediterranean coastal villages are simply built for love and romance.

While you can have a blast incapital Palma de Mallorca with all nightclubs and fancy restaurants, these small resorts are in fact perfect getaways for fresh couples.

To see more and book your tour, here are few useful contact details: Situated at the north of the Mallorca island, Port de Pollenca provides you with the best sunbathing and strolling experience.

Take your date for an evening walk along the beach line of the Port de Pollenca bay to create that ultimate romantic sensation at both of you.

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What is a holiday if you don’t lie on a breathtakingly white sands of the Playa d’Alcúdia – one of the most astonishing places of Mallorca?