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They have a good sense of humour and enjoy using it when interacting with others.

Physical contact is acceptable between good friends and is not considered to be indicative of sexual relations.

Once the friendship is a bit more established, two other topics that can be broached are politics and religion.

Politics are not taboo; nevertheless, it is a delicate subject if you are not that close to the person with whom you are speaking.

When meeting and greeting a Malian, it is very important that you inquire about family members as they are one of the main topics of conversation.

Ask about their health and the well-being of the person with whom you are speaking.

Eye contact is fleeting because having or keeping a direct gaze, particularly with your parents, older people, or your employer, suggests that you are not well brought up or are even hostile or defiant toward authority.Thus, asking about a person’s village’s culture and activities is always appreciated.Almost 80% of Malians are crop farmers and animal breeders.Moreover, Malians are very proud of their origins and it will be an honour for them to explain their past.At the same time, they may reveal the ethnic teasing that occurs between joking cousins.

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In Mali, greetings and the care given to them characterize the initial contact or assessment of a person’s values; discuss your urgent requests only after greeting the person properly.

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