Legal requirements for updating spcc

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The SPCC regulations were established to reduce the likelihood and severity of oil leaks and spills.

By preparing and implementing a plan, your facility assures it has installed effective spill prevention equipment/secondary containment, established emergency response plans and operating procedures, and provided employee training to prevent and/or respond to oil spills.

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No discharge except overflow caused by greater than 25-yr 24-hr storm event During the period beginning with the date of the authorization letter and lasting through the expiration date, the permittee is prohibited from discharging livestock wastes (including feedlot runoff) to waters of the State except overflow from livestock waste handling facilities that is caused by catastrophic precipitation events (i.e., the 25-year, 24-hour precipitation event, except as prohibited in 4(j) below.

The overflow is only allowed under this permit when Special Condtions 4(h), 6(b through d), 6( h through j) and 6(l) are met for the overflowing structure.

The Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations apply to facilities or farms that store, transfer, process, refine, use or consume oil (e.g.

crude oil, animal, soy and vegetable oils, petroleum products, etc.) in excess of the limits and from which an oil leak or spill could ultimately discharge to a surface water (i.e., storm sewer, ditch, drainage tile, river or lake).

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The manager must figure out how much extra "freeboard" is necessary to hold the direct precipitation and runoff water that would occur during a 25-year 24-hour event, so that the storage will not overflow.

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