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Once it reached Fukushima all that water had nowhere to go except on land.Here in Southern California we lack that kind of focussing geography.If a tsunami is generated by a large earthquake far away - like off the northwest US coast (Cascadia Subduction Zone) you will have a decent amount of warning if an evacuation is needed.

It's almost a certainty that any large earthquake you might feel will not generate a tsunami.

High ground is better than inland but inland is better than coastal.

I would follow Brian Humphrey's advice, having a weather radio or a traditional radio on a news station like KNX-1070 will keep you apprised of tsunami alerts with as much warning as it is possible to have.

I recently moved to Venice from the east coast and my apartment is well within range of a tsunami, should one occur.

If an earthquake occurs and it is just a regular earthquake, it seems like it would be safer to just stay in my apartment building (probably.) But if a tsunami is coming, I will need to run inland for my life.

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The parts that are in any danger are a ~5 minute slow walk from areas not in danger. The movement of the fault underwater generates the wave. Any Tsunami would be sent across the Pacific, not inland, because it would be the ground shoving the water, vs. So when a Tsunami is coming, it will be coming from a major quake somewhere thousands of miles away.