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Knox dating fedora

I only just now saw it for the first time this week.

But in the show from 1998, Shackelford misidentified the Stetson hat in the image below as a “Boss Of The Plaines” model hat. A true Boss Of The Plaines has a flat brim with a short, rounded crown.

But on these pages you’ll find much of what you need to know and resources to look elsewhere for other great info, too.

A Glossary of Hat Terms, Words, Definitions, And Styles All the hat terms you need to know to understand the world of hats and hat wearing.

Below is an array of some of the various logos Stetson used over the decades.

This is in no way an exhaustive list as Stetson had hundreds of logos and crown imprints.

Certainly there were all sorts of variations in the fine points of the drawing of the crest from hat to hat and era to era but there was really only two basic styles of the official company crest.

But the show’s Bruce Shackelford even got an identification of a piece wrong in one episode.

So, this episode of Antiques Roadshow is an old one.

But these are some of the most common ones and the eras in which they appeared.

There were a bunch of crests and imprint designs used before the 1890s, though.

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These hats were made from the late 1800s, through the 1900s. As America’s civil war ground to a close in 1865 and the post war rebuilding period got underway, a new era of advertising began–one with which we are still very familiar in our time.