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Kitty dudley puppy dating fanfiction

F.) to protect his hometown of Petropolis with the aid of his partner, Kitty Katswell, against villains like the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem (D.

There is now a Recap page and a "What an idiot" page.

After some pillow talk, the duo has a one-night stand together.

Dudley and Kitty had unknowingly downed shots of spiked punch, and before they knew it, they were drunk out of their minds, heavily intoxicated by the poisonous aftereffects of the booze.

For the first trimester of Kitty's pregnancy, the balance of Dudley's days are making trips to the grocery store to buy a whole list of whatever Kitty and the baby were craving, to which all cravings ended up being bizarre or sickening.They are in love and everyday they make great effort to find new ways of living after everything they went through. //Completed//Word count: 8.2k Whatever Harry Potter had expected, running into Draco Malfoy at a yarn shop in Diagon Alley was never it.Especially not with Draco as the owner of said shop that also catered to Muggles.But Hermione's dragged him in, and now he's a little curious. This story begins at the start of Harry's fifth year.It's always upset me how quickly he forgives everyone for abandoning him and ignoring him in his time of need. The soulmark directs you to the location where you'll meet your soulmate.

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As the second trimester rolls by, they both realize that they can't keep the pregnancy a secret anymore as Kitty gets bigger and bigger each day.

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