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Kate voegele and derek hough dating

Rankey, Markus Schlaich, Syed Haroon Ali, Sofiyah Mokhtar, Michael Poppelreiter Preliminary Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for a Mississippian Madison Group Shelf Margin, South Boulder Canyon, Southwest Montana Murray Gilhooly, John Weissenberger Special Executive Form - Allen Gilmer Allen Gilmer Hydrothermal Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality in the Pre-Salt Carbonate-Clastic Series of the Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola Jean-Pierre Girard, Galo San Miguel Perdido Reimaging: Overview of Model Building and Imaging Challenges and Solutions Kate Glaccum, Suyang Chen Basin-Scale Static Models for Unconventional Resource Plays, Examples From Permian Midland and Delaware Basins Tad Gladczenko, James Hardt, Matt Houston, Rachael Mays, Margaret Lessenger High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Middle Tithonian – Lower Valanginian Interval (Vaca Muerta-Quintuco Formations), Neuquén Basin, Argentina Georgina Godino, David Giunta, Langhorne Smith, Jose L. Grant, David Morgan, Donald Remson, Allison Guinan, Chung Yan Shih, Shang Min Lin, Derek Vikara Integration of Digital Outcrop and Multisource Subsurface Data for Reservoir Modeling and Sweet Spot Mapping in Unconventional Resource Plays Alena Grechishnikova Special Executive Forum - Sidney Green Sidney Green 3-D Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data Collected for Hydrothermal Exploration Alexander V. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo The Tale of 3 Megaflaps, Paradox Salt Basin, Utah and Colorado Kate Grisi, Kyle T. Thompson, Katherine Giles Diverse and Spatially Extensive Microbial Mat and Ooid Sand Depositional System, Little Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands John Grotzinger, Maya Gomes, Usha F. Herrera, Edgar Velez “Thin-Skinned” and “Thick-Skinned” Structural Control on the Evolution of a Foreland Basin Petroleum System – Cabuyarito and Medina Anticlines, Eastern Cordillera Llanos Foothills, Colombia Ibraheem K. Hartford, Irina Filina Genetic Origin and Diagenetic Transformation of LMC Microcrystal Textures in Limestones Mohammed Hashim, Stephen E.Massaferro Depositional Sequences and Relative Sea-Level Change in Jamaica Determined by Biostratigraphic Data David P. Fenton, Michael Bent, Daniel Kay, Max Norman, Nicole Nembhard, Herona Thompson Diagenesis and Quality of Deep Cambrian Carbonate Reservoirs From the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China Karin Goldberg, Bin Li Recent Yucatan Seismic Survey Revealing a New Frontier Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico Ernest Gomez, Michael Doe, Sebastian Villarroel, Kelsey Noel, Raul Ysaccis, Duplo Kornpihl, Mohamed El-Toukhy, Gary Forrest Structure and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in the North Panama Deformed Belt: Observations From Latest Seismic Reflection Imaging Antara Goswami, Kyle Reuber, Jim Pindell, Brian W. Lingappa, Nathan Stein, Elizabeth Trower, Julien Alleon, Anelize M. Hafiz, James Kellogg, Essam Saeid, Ziyad Albesher Integrated EM Technologies Map Contamination Plumes, Seeps, Geohazards – Faults and Possible Migration Pathways – at Barite Hills/Nevada Gold Fields EPA Superfund Site in South Carolina, U. Kaczmarek Distribution and Relationships of Traces, Sedimentary Facies, and Physicochemical Conditions in Lake Eyre (Australia) and Lake Tanganyika (East Africa), and Their Comparison to Marine Systems: Implications for Ichnofacies, Paleoenvironmental, and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis Stephen T. Pratt Diagenesis of a Lower Cretaceous Limestone Reservoir in a Giant Oilfield, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Comparison Between the Crest and Flanks Mohammad Alsuwaidi, Sadoon Morad, Howri Mansurbeg, Matteo Paganoni, Daniel Morad, Stephen Ehrenberg, Amena Al Harethi, Ihsan Al-Aasm Seismic Characteristics and Distribution of Hydrothermal Vents in the Rift Section of the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil Renata Alvarenga, David Iacopini, Juliano Kuchle, Claiton Scherer, Karin Goldberg, Luis F. Gil Mass Transport Complexes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration Michael Arthur, M. Daniels, Stephen Hubbard Searching for Sweet Spot: Multi-Facies and Multi-Scale Approach for Gas Shale Reservoir Characterization Alessandro Avanzini, Piero Balossino, Marco Brignoli, Elisa Spelta, Cristiano Tarchiani Multi-Attribute Analysis of Six Upper Cretaceous and Jurassic Structural Closures in Belo Profond, Morondava Basin, Offshore West Madagascar Irewole Ayodele, Joyce E.Kukla, Joerg Smodej, Lars Reuning Evaluation of Potential Geochemical Reactions and Changes in Hydrologic Properties at the Kemper County CO2 Storage Complex Lauren E. Bomberger, Michael Hofmann, Brianna Berg, Jenica Andersen Multidisciplinary Approach for Assessing the Unconventional Shale Gas Prospect of Cambay, Assam Arakan, Krishna Godavari and Damodar Basins, India Annapurna Boruah Challenges to the Social Contract for International Funding: New Demands for Public Involvement and Transparency in Oil & Gas International Developments Richard Bost The Geochemistry of Formation Waters and the Challenges and Opportunities for Re-Use of Produced Water Richard Bost Update on Environmental Issues Raised by Litigants Related to Injection for Disposal Richard Bost Evidence for East African Orogenic Transpression and Cenozoic Tension in Neoproterozoic Basement Rocks, Northwestern Ethiopian Plateau Shelby Bowden, Nahid Gani, Tadesse Alemu, Bekele Abebe, Kibrie Tadesse Characteristics of Sandy Hyperpycnite Deposits on the Shallow, Southern Margin of Eocene Lake Uinta, the Green River Formation of Northeastern Utah Riley Brinkerhoff, Kurtus Woolf The Brown Shale Formation: Lacustrine Deposit in the Central Sumatra Basin (Indonesia) Richard Brito, Roger Slatt Relationship of Helium and CO2 to Other Gases in New Mexico Reservoirs Ronald F. Romans, Stephen Hubbard Understanding the Structural Evolution of Structurally Complex Areas Through Integration of Data Kumar Satyam Das Formulation of Appraisal Strategy and Process Workflow for Testing the Deep Unconventional Oxfordian-Callovian Age Reservoir of North Kuwait: A Case Study Qasem Dashti, Vijaya Kumar Kidambi, Edwin Quint Defining Unconventional Sweet Spots Joe R. Davis Cross-Stratification in Turbidite Systems Isabel S. Goldstein Depositional and Stratigraphic Complexities of the Niobrara Formation and the Relationship to Producibility, DJ Basin, Colorado Marshall Deacon, Katie Joe Mc Donough Nanushuk Formation Discoveries Confirm World-Class Exploration Potential in a Newly Proven Stratigraphic Play, Alaska North Slope Paul L. Scholz Mass Failure Complex Morphometrics as an Indicator of Flow Rheology and Composition: A Comprehensive Study in the Gulf of Mexico Hang Deng, Lesli Wood, Zane Jobe Chronostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Re-Evaluation of Wilcox/Carrizo Outcrops, Bastrop County, Texas: Implications for Sediment Bypass to Shelf Edge Delta and Deepwater Plays Christopher Denison, Thomas D. O'Keefe Experimental Geomechanics on Heterogeneous Mudstone—Developing Predictive Relationships Between Facies, Reservoir Quality, and Fracture Propagation Aubry A.Nordeng Improving Frame Flexibility Factor Extraction From Seismic Inversion Using Rock Physics Analysis to Characterize the Pore Type of Carbonate Reservoir Rocks of the Early Miocene Baturaja Formation, MLD Area, Northwest Java Basin Devri Agustianto, Yuefeng Sun, Robet W. Almutairi, Camelia Knapp, James Knapp, Darrell Terry A Continuous Mineralogical Record of an Eagle Ford Group Core and Related Formations in South Texas Using Hyperspectral Imaging Ahmed Alnahwi, Tobi Kosanke, Robert G. Mc Caffrey, Benjamin Kneller Cenozoic Inversion of a Regional Scale Mesozoic Normal Fault: Structural Analysis of the Dowsing Fault, Southern North Sea United Kingdom Hugh Anderson, Euan Macaulay, Joel Corcoran, Francis M. Alexander Ani, Dave Keighley The Role of Pressure Diffusion in U. Ardakani, Ted Urbancic, Adam Baig, David Cannon Facies Association, Depositional Systems, and Paleophysiografic Models of the Barra Velha Formation, Pre-Salt Sequence – Santos Basin, Brazil Luci M. Barnett, Michael Obermaier, Joachim Amthor, Raphael Camara, Kaluan Juk, Mohammad Sharafodin, Matt Bolton Integrated Analysis of the Geological Controls on the Lacustrine Source Rocks of the Cuyana Rift Basin, Argentina Silvia P. Bernau, Brenda Bowen Reservoir Architecture and Economic Implications of the Trail Member Fluvial Sandstones, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group Austin D. 1, Kern County, California Anthony Blake Controls on Reservoir Development in the Ordovician Point Pleasant Limestone and Devonian Marcellus Shale: Comparing and Contrasting Two Appalachian Basin Unconventional Reservoirs David Blood Signal Propagation From the Himalayan-Sourced Ganges-Brahmaputra Rivers to the Deep-Sea Bengal Fan From Detrital Zircons Mike Blum, Kimberly Rogers, James Gleason, Yani Najman Induced Seismicity in Oklahoma: An Update Jeremy Boak, Kyle Murray, Jacob Walter Petrophysical Characterization of Unconventional Carbonate Mudrocks of the Southern Mid-Continent: Mississippi Lime and the STACK Plays (Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher Counties) Ibukunoluwa Bode-Omoleye, Chi Zhang, Beth Vanden Berg, G. Grammer Tectonic Controls on the Formation and Saturation of Conjugate Shear Fracture Networks: Combining Outcrop Analogues With Modelling Studies Quinten D.

Correa Environmental Impact Assessment of Carbon Capture and Storage: Social Perspectives and Environmental Restrictions for Natural Gas in Brazil Hirdan K. Ted Doughty, Mercedes di Pasquo, Pawel Filipiak, Marcelina Kondas, Beverly J. Grader Assessment of the Woodford Shale Petroleum System Within a Deep Subbasin on the Central Basin Platform, Permian Basin William R.Miraj Geochemistry of Oil-Bearing Fluid Inclusions Insight Into Hydrocarbon Charge in Devonian-Mississippian Petroleum Systems, Anadarko Basin Ibrahim Al Atwah, Sahar Mohammadi, Stephen Sweet, Anthony Knap, Mauro Becker Basins and Petroleum Systems of the Middle East Sa'id Al-Hajri Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic Dhruma Siliciclastic Deposits: Northern Central Arabia, Saudi Arabia Abdulkarim Al-Hussaini, Ron Steel, John Melvin, Cornel Olariu, Nigel Hooker, Kaya Ertug Diagenesis of a Condensed Section Atop a Flexural Arch, Western Canada Foreland Basin Omar Al-Mufti, A. Barredo, Hans-Joachim Wiemer, Dietmar Kuhn, Luis Stinco U. Natural Gas Losses, Late 1870s to Early 1950s: A Compilation and Evaluation of Numerical Estimates Mary L. Hodgson Customized Chemistry Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids to Potentially Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery Factors Denise Benoit, Kristina Holan, Antonio Recio III, Ajish Potty Mapping Subsurface Faults With Lightning and Resistivity Louis J. Demko Identifying Underdeveloped Oil and Gas Resources on the West Flank of the Appalachian Basin on the Nashville and Jessamine Domes in Tennessee and Kentucky Using GIS Databases Kenneth S.Guy Plint, Mahadia Ibrahim, Burns Cheadle Application of XRF, Biostratigraphic, and Carbon Isotope Data to Establish a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional Facies Model for the Burnt Bluff Group, Michigan Basin, U. Barrett Documenting Past Oilfield Arsenic Corrosion Inhibitor Usage: A Pit Groundwater Example From Lake St. Barrett A Multiple Isotope (C, H, S & O) Approach to Characterizing Crude Oil Families Within Oil Basins Craig D. Taylor, John Zumberge The Role of Ocean Currents on Platform Drowning in the Straits of Florida Sara Bashah, Anna Ling, Gregor Eberli, Thierry Mulder Microbialite Morphologies as Tools for Paleoenvironmental Analysis: Lessons From the Great Salt Lake, Utah Robert L. Wright Predicting API in Basin Modeling: New Kinetic Models Friedemann Baur, Subho Banerjee, Douglas Barber, Jessica Little, Douglas Goff Laboratory-Based Lithological and Geomechanical Characterization of the Woodford Shale: A Tale of Two Rock Types Daniela Becerra, Roger Slatt Observations on Structural Styles in the Northern GOM (Flextrend Area) William Beck, Maya El Hariri, Allison M. Lebit Reservoir Quality in Salt-Encased Microbial-Dominated Carbonates From the Late Neoproterozoic Ara Group (South Oman Salt Basin) Stephan Becker, Peter A. Berent Detailed Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Devonian-Mississippian Pilot Shale, Western Utah, U. Boling, Robert Hatcher, Gary Bible, Pete Lemiszki, Andrew Wunderlich, Morgan Strissel Characterizing the Spatial Scale of Structural and Stratigraphic Features Through Fourier Analysis Cody W. Davis Structural Wedge Model and the Antelope Uplift, West-Side of the San Joaquin Basin, California: The Possibility of Additional Large Hydrocarbon Traps Thomas L. Mc Caffrey Brazilian Pre-Salt Province: History of Success and a Promising Future Marcos F. Gil Controls on Reservoir Quality of the Carbonates of the Wolfcamp A in the Eastern Midland Basin (Howard County, Texas): A Case for Active, Open-System Diagenesis Erich de Zoeten, Robert H.Henstra, Martin Muravchik, Rob Gawthorpe, Atle Rotevatn, Jhon M. Berg Geochemical Characteristics of Environmental Conditions Favorable to OM Preservation During the Barremian-Aptian in the Cabo Formation, Organya Basin, NE Spain Carlos M. Maurrasse Studies in Contemporary Sand Seas Inform Better Reservoir Models Caroline Hern, Dominic Tatum, Robin Westerman, Gary Kocurek, Steve Fryberger Geologic Origin of the Mari Mound Complex From Sediment Injection, Deep-Water Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean Sea Stephen Heron, Paul Weimer, Henry Pettingill, Andrew Hurst, Renaud Bouroullec, Geoffrey Dorn Upstream Control in a Coastal-Plain Fluvial Setting: An Architectural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Campanian Masuk Formation Aaron M. Schroeder, Jason Van Beek, Scott Rowland, Alberto G. Ross Seismic Reflection Data Interpretation to Support Project ECO2S, Kemper County, MS Denise J. Bidgoli, Esmail Ansari, Geoff Bohling Early Coarse Clastic Deposition in the Western Elko Basin, Piñon Range, Northeastern Nevada: Implications for Basin Evolution and Petroleum Potential Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Michael W. Steele Methodology for Capacity Estimation for Waste Disposal and Carbon Management Yevhen Holubnyak, Tiraz Birdie, Tandis S.Hess, Christopher Fielding Comparative Diagenesis of Smackover Formation, Northern U. Gulf Coast: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Ezat Heydari, Lawrence Baria, Brenda Kirkland Deep-Water Fan Sedimentation on Mars: An Example From the Murray Formation at Pahrump Hills Locality, Gale Crater Ezat Heydari, Fred J. Schroeder, Jason Van Beek, Scott Rowland, Alberto G. Parker Rapid Inundation of Gale Crater, Mars, by an Expanding Ocean Ezat Heydari, Timothy J. Fairen Using Surface-Based Electromagnetic Imaging to Identify Geologic Controls on the Extent of Fluid Emplacement During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Mark S. Ressel, Christopher Henry Reservoir Characterization of the Permian White Rim Sandstone: Outcrop and Core Assessment for Carbon Capture and Sequestration Spencer Hollingworth, David F. Bidgoli, Jennifer Hollenbach CO2 Plume Tracking and Monitoring at Wellington Field CO2 EOR Pilot Yevhen Holubnyak, Willard Watney, Christa Jackson, Brent Campbell, John Victorine Presalt Reservoir Analogs: Lacustrine Microbialites Fed by Shore Zone Hot Springs, Lakeside UT Peter W.

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Furlong, Murray Gingras, John-Paul Zonneveld Fluvial Depositional Variability in the Douglas Creek and Parachute Creek Members, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah Ryan D. Berent Analysis and Integration of Well Logs, Geochemical Data, and Ultrasonic Velocities of Productive Facies in the Upper Viola Formation in Southwestern Kansas William K.

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