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Jenna vampire dating game

Alaric didn't believe they were the same person until Jenna showed him a picture of Isobel whom he recognized as his deceased wife. He later told Jenna that he wasn't ready for Elena to ask him any questions about Isobel.

He recognized Damon Salvatore as the vampire who "killed" Isobel at a party and confronted him.

Jenna Sommers, Elena and Jeremy's aunt and legal guardian, took an interest in Alaric and was okay that he talked about Isobel, feeling that he needed to let it all out.

Alaric came across Logan Fell and staked him because he was a vampire.

After being resurrected, he is now a college professor at Whitmore College teaching Occult Studies.As a ghost, he watched over Damon, Jeremy, and Elena.In the last two episodes of the Fourth Season, his spirit was brought back into the world of the living (albeit confined within the Expression Triangle) where his presence proved crucial at off-setting the threat of the Hunters of the Five in their goal to kill Silas after curing him of his Immortality.Through overuse of the Gilbert Ring, Esther manipulated his spirit while he was on The Other Side before he would resurrect, and as a result he developed an alter ego, called The Darkness by Bonnie and Dark Alaric or Evil Alaric to others, that hated vampires and vampire sympathizers, killing members of the Mystic Falls Founder's Council who protected vampires.Alaric became an Enhanced Original Vampire through Esther's magic so he could kill her children with the last, and indestructible, White Oak Stake, to make the vampire species extinct before his death, his life having been linked to Elena's, leading Rebekah to kill her to stop Alaric.

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