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And while it’s sexist to assume that men should always be the household breadwinner, this may help explain a little why your hardworking sister tolerates her lethargic, alcoholic, video-game-junkie loser of a boyfriend. Memphis, with a 59-to-100 ratio of employed men to single women.Of course, this is not really a fair comparison, because while the unemployed men in Memphis are (presumably) cool blues players, here they’re George Zimmermans.These statistics have to be frustrating for local ladies looking for a stable partner, but I have to be honest, they frustrate ) than working a full-time job, writing for several area publications, and trying to start a business to make ends meet while supporting a wife and two kids and then taking stroll through 5 Points only to see the same people I've seen since high school trying their best to inconspicuously light up a J outside of Birdie's, having filled out nary a W-2 for over a decade.And how can they always afford craft microbrews … Were my parents the only ones who didn’t purchase a trust fund for their children in the ’80s? OK, ladies, so you may be shit out of luck when it comes to finding the “perfect” (aka gainfully employed) man in Jacksonville, but love and marriage is not always about the financials, right?

The Unemployed Jax Beach Bum: Forget about all of the other things usually associated with beach bums — the questionable hygiene, the sun-damaged skin, the weird surfer dialect, spending way too much time hanging out in head shops, living in a dilapidated beach house with seven gypsies and three Labradors — and focus on the totally righteous view of the ocean!

True, he could probably get a job somewhere like Walmart to help you with the bills if he really wanted to, but, due to his talents, he leaves that kind of drudgery to poor single mothers.

The Unemployed Riverside Musician: If you like being dragged to open-mic shows in Springfield after your long, hard day at work, this is the guy for you.

In light of this recent study, perhaps I can interest you in some of these colorful underemployed bachelors of our fair city, categorized by region for your convenience: The Unemployed Avondale Artist: Sure, you'll be buying his lunch at an expensive vegan restaurant, but look on the bright side — since he doesn't have a job, he'll have plenty of time to didactically tell you about his next big art project that we all know is never actually going to happen.

He’s also very close to securing a government art grant, so he’s got that going for him too.

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  1. By approaching dating with the attitude that they just want to have fun and meet a variety of interesting people until they meet someone worth committing to, men are playing the field with a healthy dating attitude.