Is john stamos dating renee zellweger

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Is john stamos dating renee zellweger

r8 I think that was before she became a professional beard...I think she used to just be a girl with bad taste in men...she's been burned so much (Jim Carey, Jake White...) she's stopped trying and is just renting herself out to keep in the headlines.“This is Jodie’s legacy in my life.” Proud moment last night honoring @jodiesweetin at the Experience, Hope & Strength Awards.Who knew this little blonde scene-stealer in a side pony-tale would grow up and change so many lives.

I don't think Renee and Jack have been getting together, and Theron is a lot more private than Renee.If she's a professional beard, why did she go through all that drama by having the marriage annulled?Wouldn't she have agreed to a minimum length of marriage in her bearding contract?This is an anonymous message board, not Groupie Central, you can mention the woman's name! If it's long over why would it matter on an anonymous message board? It's always weird how uber fans seem to LOVE posting bizarre gossip as if they really know the intimate details of a musician or actor/actress' life!Jack seems really warped, the ongoing lie about Meg White being his sister was ridiculous. Was she married and they were having an affair while he was with Renee? Because that's what your posts are coming off as....a super fan of Jack's who goes to their idols message board then posts a bit of 'insider' info then leaves everyone else there hanging.r33 It wasn't simply because of a woman.

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