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Introvert women dating tips

This is a great rule for extroverts or people with moderate nerves.But for me, it took years of focused effort to be able to consistently use the 3-second rule.I’m just here to tell you I’ve observed how things flow for me for years and 9.9 times out of 10, if I enter a yoga class, dance class, fitness class, health event, convention, or anything else with women, they rarely talk to me first, let alone show any signs of interest.I’ve been to partner dance classes with open dance afterward where anyone can ask anyone to dance.I still feel like throwing up when I want to approach a stranger.

If you’re not familiar, it says that you should go up to someone within 3 seconds of getting the idea because the longer you wait, the worse the anxiety gets until you’re so intimidated you never approach.

And it means something when I’m telling this to you because I am someone who didn’t believe this for a while.

When I was told that the worst that can happen is a rejection, I still felt that it was horrific. Some girls gave cold, condescending, even disgusted looks when they rejected me and that scarred me a bit.

While some dating coaches claim you will develop a tough skin around this eventually, it may be a traumatizing thing you can do to a shy introvert that lasts in their psychology forever.

No, it is not a numbers game but it is a numbers game in the sense that your attempts should be higher than (but preferably, less than 10 or 20 a day).

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I’ve been guilty of going many days with zero chances or attempts to meet a new woman my age.

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