Interracial dating and the bible

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Interracial dating and the bible

And the people who would object to an interracial marriage on the basis of Bible verses are misinterpreting the Bible verses to the point of textual harassment. What the scripture forbids are the Israelites marrying the foreign women of the Canaanites because of the pull into idolatry.

That is not what is happening in an interracial marriage. And the same thing is true when we look at what the scripture speaks about this—we have Moses, a Semitic man, marrying a Cushite woman.

It may be that—I mean that question could mean that they disagree with the engagement for other reasons, and you would want to say what are those reasons?

So, if the parents are saying we disagree with this marriage because we don’t think that the person you are marrying is of good character, well, you ought to take that into consideration.

And if your parents or parents-in-law are Christians, I think it’s a good opportunity to call them to repentance on that and talk about the sort of carnal divisions that they are making that are not made in scripture.

And then you have to say, if this is the person that God has given to you and this is someone who meets all of the other qualifications for marriage, then I think you need to say this is our family, Mom and Dad.

But often I have seen parents who because of the presence of this marriage or this child or from the marriage these grandchildren who come about, they have hearts that are softened and they turn around. And we have to give people room to repent of sinful attitudes and sinful expressions.

Though this viewpoint exists, Evangelicals are not against interracial marriage. For example, John Piper not only advocates interracial marriage in his book Bloodlines; ...

Daniel Patterson: Welcome back to the Questions and Ethics program with Russell Moore. Moore, today we have a question from a listener who sent in and said, “I’m engaged.

The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend the races to mix.

The Supreme Court was unanimous in favor of the Loving family, observing that laws against miscegenation were “designed to maintain White supremacy.” At the time of the Supreme Court decision, sixteen Southern states still enforced laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

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And the problem in the scripture is with Miriam when she starts murmuring against, and the people who start murmuring against Moses for that sort of marriage. So, your parents are in the wrong on this if they are using Bible verses in that way.