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Integent sex phone chat uk

RIGHTIST IAB0RITE QUITS ; BRITI SH MINISTERIA L POST Spedal to The Mew Tor* Ttmet LONDON, Dec. 21—Reginald Prentice, an outspoken member of the governing Labor Party’s right wing, resigned today as Minister of "Overseas Development. jferetoo Tfo* first 'stop "thitt dpeoed ■ peeks through a gaping hole m a wall erocer’s The grocer wbosuo- Wgh above the street. Hal Reynolds; the United States director, stood by the! World Bank sources disclosed that the approval by a bigger margin today than : m jth^caseof a. Hans Jansen, the West German director,’ said in a telephone mterview that in - re¬ cent months “all lof the principal econom¬ ic indicators have improved.” He said he, like Mr. TOURD€fl U 'the right place tor the right time' 10pm in Pans, what’s the time in New York? The Oval dock combines Cartier's classic white enamelled /ace, roman numerals, sword-shaped hands and sapphire winding stems with five dramatic new _ lacquer colors. 'Supported by two "C" rests and fitted with an 8-day Cartier movement and automatic alarm. “I carried some ; - y ’ A float that’s a work of art. A brilliant Faint Brush print on periwinkle or brown polyester jersey ground. v SS returned because the political and battle line die first families are moving j^i^ons organizations in tbenefebbo^ back mto tlte gutted apartment blocks. The Sioo E Signs off hfe axe sprouting farcougruous- oscwo ly rn the pockmarked ruira A child.. World Bank Votes Lbans to Chile Of Million, With ULS. from some members of Congress for a fixative vote, cm human rights grounds. Diplomatic,sources said ^ union, that the issue of confiscating heavy weap- ■ ■■ — nnt in the hands of the former combat- REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST! Gonier continues ils tradition of bringing ihe beauty of high fashion jewelry fo dock-making. Rozenshtein covered attend the symposium on Jewish culture the sit uati on of Jews in Europe and the m Moscow,” he said. For P, S, M or L sizes, 60.00 Robes and Loungewear, Fifth Floor mm A little something from ■» . The country has lacked the'sort of leadership it should have had under both parties, and I want to be free to develop these ideas from the back benches^”_ _ Thousands Cross Jordan River TEL AVIV, Dec. 21 (Reuters)—A record of 900.000 people crossed the Jordan River bridges in the first 11 months of this year, a senior officer of the military adminis tration of toe occupied West Bank- said here today. Frqm Fieldcrest To itisfy a passion for perfection, one opulent, integrated ■ok.

TIMES, »V ti Uvi Ci OUA X, Moneyless People of Beirut Try to Rebuild a Broken Life By HENRY TANNER v ~ y ’f" * ; • : . man guerrilla or- jmmanded by Yasir Arafat, ^s r the overall Palestine lib¬ eration. Jebril, who officer and personal friend Hafez a J-Assad, had been mainstays of the so-ca Hed ■nt," the Palestinian group¬ ies all negotiation with Is- sts on a military solution, stinians expressed concern ria might be using Mr. 21—The executive directors of the World Bank approved today by a large margin two loans to Chile totaling million despite a nega¬ tive vote from die director representing the. Banquet fed lines available Entertainment in lounge Norman ]. (Uwftnee of London) SILK RAINCOATS IDEAL GIFT ' FOR MEN AND WOMEN EXCLVSIVEAT 4J75TH Wt-IITH FLOOR .n T. “Now we are moving cautiously to form a firm basis,” be said. \q/ mu/t’ de Cartier the new boutique ot Cartier 4 East 52nd Street, New York 10022 tfl 2] 753-0111 We honor the American Express Credit Card. ftamarican watch service AQl 106 West29th Street (west of 6* Ave.)- • ' SEIKO JC^New Y(Jrk;b LY_10001.-, i ' '"' • (212)695-7321 • Phone and mail orders accepted • Master Charge • Bank Americard WPBf ^106 West29th Street ( KLNew Ydrkib LY. Sakharov, the physicist cunty police for 24 boure aj Moscow and civil rights advocate, as wen as for- airport last weds after having arrived for eign reporters. Edward Alexander of the Umyer- such topics as the legal aspects of a Jew- sity of Washington in Seattle said he and ish cultural revival in the Soviet Union his wife, Leah, had been interogated for and the place allotted to the Jewish peo- six hours on the reason for their visit pie in history courses in Soviet schools. The Platter, ideal for serving £Lsh, salads, cheeses and more, 115.00.

response to questions, reiterated his cam*: tenths of 1 percent last month and food “up there,” Mr. The men were separated from the women and children and were lined up and shot The guerrillas then walked among the bodies bayoneting .

Bell said, “I would be paign pledge to reduce defease expends prices dropped, the Labor Department re- the Attorney General and would be the tures by billion to billion in capabil-- ported today. any men who still showed signs of life, the officials said.

2L—Rubin (Hut- witnesses who had identified Che defend- ricane) Carter and John Artis con- ants as the Lafayette Grill gunmen the victed tonight on three counts of first- first time they were tried. ’■ t Einar Magnus on of Norway, represent¬ ing the Scandinavian countries, said lie had voted against the loan on the basis of “file whole economic and social situa¬ tion in-Chile-as we see it today” Britain abstained on 'both occasions. “In fact, them are no more real obsta¬ cles to our work in Chile” Mr.

- By LESLIE MAITLAND Special to The New York Thneu PATERSON, NJ., Dec. 1 non is paying rent—not toe regular ’ tenants and certainly not the tens of ■ thousands of squatters who Eve. But out near the airport, squatters driven from the city’s slums during toe fighting have built hundreds of one- story houses on land that does not be¬ long to toem. The Government has sot yet been able to remove scores of similar houses bu Dt riearby by earfier squatters during toe • seven-month period of cxvfl strife in 1958. One of the loans, for agricultural devel¬ opment, he said, should “contribute to agricultural production and have a social impact on some of the poorest 30.percent of the people in Chfle.” The other switch from abstention In February to approval today was by the director for Egypt, representing most of the o H-producing and some other Arab countries. Alexandre Hay, president of the Red Cross committee, said in an interview that a ‘'rather liberal attitude” by the military junta Chile “the (me country [in Latin America] where we have the greatest facilities.” . .quality for style, in gold tone case, exclusively at Toumeau... ' TOURTCRU 500 Madfeon Avenue at 5Znd Street New \brit City 10022 (212PL»-3285 ABmaforcradn cards honond.

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(AE stores close Friday at 6 p jn.) A Total Luxurious Retirement Residence WHERE: Scharft Bromcwood, a tourfiws retirement residence for active alert senior cffizens. WHAT: Sumptuous meals, maid service, 24-bour supervision and recorty and ottorluxuiy. For further information ca Q or wite BRONXWffi D (212) 881-9100 799 East Guntntl Road, Bronx, N. 10467 New York's finest Ita Jiu Food ‘Srtte Mft Csfe UMi^ SPECIAL CREPE & DESSERT MENUS Open for LUNCH & DINNER from Noon to 3 AJL mfag a full mm Credit Cards - 7 Days a Week Continuous Entertainment at the Piano Bar Appi OKdbyji YS&ft tart if Sochi IMm *n& £UL.*Y XUK15. cs9m was restored in xnid- rjjoint intervention of Syrian guerrillas belonging to Al ’sin • Palest! iters and Al Fatah guerrillas out joint patrols near *ajestinian suburb that in- 1 , the capital's largest camp, jfficers with loudspeakers ia in jeeps exhorting guerril¬ la to keep calm, fficials said, that today, was that elements of the guerril- f Syrian troops in the Arab .: acted in concert using a |ne -Hne installed-for such ml did not go into the camps, &L Al Fatah remains strong- ftthe entry of Syrians into fctjof Tense Situation .. S wa S seen as evidence that peeh-the Syrian Army units #d the Palestinians remained unsettled. The fighting was jotbreak of violence in the »the ceasefire two months ^ ted as a dash within down as the General p Kt into rival factions er when its leader, came oat in support of Syr- —“on in Lebanon and Syria’s ’ in the Middle East conflict : moment, Mr. For reservations, call Victor (oar Maitrc T)), GR-S-4320. Syria, Mr, Fahrav said it ended in three years because it had been formed hastily. Present at the meeting b e an d his wife were held by Sovietae- were Andrei D. a superlative gnou of genuine ieathc travel totes, shoulds slung and hand held styles wit!