Htc p3400i gene 100 rom updating dating tips meeting women

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Htc p3400i gene 100 rom updating

SO DONT EVER TRY TO DOWNGRADE A GENE TO WM5 IF IT ORIGINALLY CAME WITH WM 6. Bootloader mode is a special mode which is use to flash ROMs.

ROMs created by users here do not contain the ONBL, SPL and GSM parts (dont worry about the names). Bootloader is the part of your phone's firmware that kicks in even before SPL and initializes it.

Step 1: Download the Tools ------------------------------- Download the tools zip file from here: a self extracting file, just start it and give a path and it will unzip all the files in your chosen folder. Rename it if it has some other name.) into the ROM Update Utility folder that is outside the Orefkov and SPL Patcher folder.

Inside the extracted folder you will find these things: 1. Download a ROM appropriate for your device: Which one is appropriate, you'll only know after updating your SPL. But in any case, here is a link to a good ROM, created by me, which is available for both new and old gene: Sumit's Pro Users ROM (WM 6.1, for new and old gene) Step 3: Prepare your Computer -------------------------------- XP Users ---------- There is not much you need to do. b) If it doesn't boots, and only green and red keys blink, Don't worry. Step 5: Use the Orefkov Unlocker ------------------------------------ 1. In the window that opened, type the following command (don't use copy paste please) and press enter: Note : that is small L and small s in that command, dont mistake it with I. Now press and hold the camera button and start your phone to go into the Boot loader mode once again.

This is true for those situations too when you flash a rom and your phone does not boots past the White HTC splash screen.

Press the Green key (call accept key) to start the process. Step 6: Flash the ROM --------------------------- Now let the phone boot once and then shutdown it. Go to the PC and copy the ROM file (it must be names RUU_

NEVER UPDATE YOUR SPL ONCE IT IS PATCHED BY EITHER OF THE METHODS Q3. After patching your SPL you will become sure that whether your phone is a new gene or old, because of knowing the version of SPL that worked for you. But there are some situations that needs to be taken care of.

How can i be sure which version i need to use, i am not sure whether i have an old gene or new gene? Earlier it was being thought that one can differentiate between New Gene and Old Gene on the basis of Onbl and Serial Nos. If it is not, patch it using the Guide given below. Now, never choose a ROM which is not built for your phone. And if you ever accidently flash a ROM of wrong version, dont panic. Means if your original ROM was WM 5 and you upgraded to WM 6 or 6.1 Dont try to downgrade to WM5. What happens is, Somtimes, the previous version of Original ROMs from htc, contain the older version of SPL that is very specifically made for that version of ROM.

This will take you to a 3 colored screen with your Onbl and SPL version displayed on it. It can be done using power button too but sometimes, when the phone is hanged, it needs to be done by pressing the soft reset key, situated in a small hole near the mini usb port you use for charging and headfone, using your stylus.

Your phone will restart immediately without any harm.

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This is a step taken in order to minimize the accidental bricking scenerios happening almost everyday here.

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