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That means that you can access it on your i Phone, Android phone, Windows phone, or your old desktop.Second, that “special sauce” that first made Hotor Not a sensation 17 years ago is still around.To be honest, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it — there’s no middle ground.It is, however, what drives the entire Hotor Not universe.Fire itself had only been discovered a few years earlier.Yes, it was an age of darkness and many technologies were wasted.Soon after its original launch, the site did add a matchmaking feature — it was even purchased by the owners of Ashley Madison in 2008.Yet, after that, the site was eclipsed by more robust traditional dating sites and newer dating apps.

Whether it’s due to a series of modifications to its functionality, a bit of nostalgia, or a combination of both — Hotor Not is becoming hot again. That’s what we wanted to find out and that is why we conducted this full Hotor Not review.

By using the geo-location feature of your smartphone, the app updates this list in real time. Get ready — it’s called the “Hot List.” Okay, Hotor Not doesn’t win any awards for originality in naming its features.

How big of a radius the app uses to serve you the list of “attractive” members in your area depends on where you are located.

You see, back in 2000, Hotor Not was the first website to become immensely popular offering a profile pic rating system.

People would post their pics and strangers would rate them from one to ten for attractiveness.

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A long, long time ago — back when most millennials were still in their larval stage, there used to be a website known as Hotor