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On our own, we seek to protect ourselves from discomfort. It was a holiday weekend, and I was at a celebration that included a memorial “paddle out” on surfboards in the Pacific Ocean to honor and remember my brother-in-law, Mark.

He was a Navy SEAL, a great American, husband, father, hero, brother, and a friend. My daughter, Olivia, was 10 at the time, and she wanted to participate in the paddle-out to honor her uncle.

It is much more about structuring your child’s existence so that he experiences the consequences of his behavior, thus leading him to be more responsible and caring. For example, smarting off becomes a cute sense of humor....You are forging a way to connect, and never forget that the “we” comes first.You want to recruit the person to vulnerable language, to help solve the glitch and move on.So, we borrowed a surfboard and began to walk out to the beach where the surfers were gathering, with me carrying the board.I was excited for her to take part in honoring her uncle Mark and was inspired by her fearlessness in wanting to paddle way out into the ocean with all the adults.

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The problem is that the brain is wired to avoid pain and anxiety.

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