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Hello babechatlive

While the definition is fairly simple, as we've seen with releases of Android OS and Apple i OS4, the reality can be significantly more complex.

They are suggesting that if you come up with the short end of the EVO stick you might just have to truck on down to a Sprint store and get an exchange.It seemed to many that Apple was fundamentally opposed to multi-tasking, and if one were to believe that, it might seem as if they have added multitasking under pressure from Android.From a technical perspective, multitasking in i OS4 is markedly different than what is featured in Android.If you haven’t updated yet and don’t want to be a risk taker, you may want to hold off until the issue gets cleared up.How To: Tether Your Android Phone to Connect to Xbox Live ( by Kevin Krause on June 28th, 2010 We recently saw a “portable” Xbox LIVE setup ( for gaming on the go, and one of the key elements to making it work was tethering the Xbox to an Android phone via PDANet.

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Meanwhile, in 2008 the HTC G1 (aka "Dream") was released with the first release of the Android OS, featuring native multitasking--including support for apps that run in the background--which at the time the i Phone lacked.

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