Great expectations and dating sex dating in chromo colorado

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Great expectations and dating

Nationally recognized by top magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Cosmopolitan, Great Expectations offers services unlike typical online dating sites.The layout for Great Expectations is very modernized with brightly colored graphics and an exciting color theme.

NOTHING of what was promised was delivered after signing.

This matchmaking service is for those who are serious about finding true love.

You can view the testimonials from couples that have found lasting relationships or read success stories from other members.

I immediately, within 3 days, asked for a refund and they refused. Visa credited my account, but Great Expectations simply charged it again.

They used pressure tactics to convince me to sign up and played on the holiday season.

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I received not one date, no help from the service representatives, could not cancel my contract at any point, and basically was left to find everything on my own. Now it appears the service is no longer in the Atlanta area.

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