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More than 2 million report experiencing depression that impairs their daily function.

Teen minds have always craved stimulation, and their emotional reactions are by nature urgent and sometimes debilitating.I hadn’t learned any other way.” The pain of the superficial wound was a momentary escape from the anxiety she was fighting constantly, about grades, about her future, about relationships, about everything. Sometimes she’d throw up, other times she’d stay home.“It was like asking me to climb Mount Everest in high heels,” she says.“I felt really extremely connected to that situation even though it was in L.A.” That hyperconnectedness now extends everywhere, engulfing even rural teens in a national thicket of Internet drama.

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She just couldn’t bear seeing the worry on their faces. Self-harm, which some experts say is on the rise, is perhaps the most disturbing symptom of a broader psychological problem: a spectrum of angst that plagues 21st century teens.