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The ex-crew member called Whateverdude1 said: “On ships where the bridge is located, there are extensions so the officers can observe while docking. Time.” Cruises have a reputation for appealing to elderly holidaymakers, which means that finding dead bodies on board is very normal."From there you can see a lot of ocean view balconies. A Redditor called Antium, who used to work on cruise ships, claimed that many retirees think of cruises more like nursing homes than a holiday. Think about all the old folks you see get onto the boat - they are literally taking cruises until they die and we eventually find them in their cabins.” Another cruise worker who goes by the name Pixielix agreed, saying:“We get at least three deaths on board a month. Holidaymakers on cruises tend to drink a lot, but that’s nothing compared to the party atmosphere going on below deck.“Just below and to the sides of where you are sleeping there are crew members having sex, smoking and drinking.

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IT turns out what happens at sea doesn’t always stay at sea, as cruise ship workers have been spilling the beans on what it’s really like to work on the floating hotels.

From creepy officers who spy on guests while they’re having sex, to random hook-ups with holidaymakers - the wild truth about working at sea has been revealed.

’ but only had access to dumpster leavings.” “Many a night I'd wander to the staff mess and ask someone along the way what was for dinner and the reply was ‘Toast and cereal’.

They also had a pink dessert served in little metal cups, and if there was any left over, it would appear upside down, sans la cup, on a small plate the next day.

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Cruises are a hotbed of germs, but even more so in crew quarters where workers are packed tightly together into bunks.