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Free local teen live sex chat number absolutily free

PEEN BERET TOP GUI4 GREAT ESCAPE BEST OF EUTt ONLY £4.99 BOMBJACK FRANK Bfl UHOS BOEING COMMANDO AIRWOLF BEST OF EUH Vol 2 OILY £7,99 PAPERBXJV GHOSTS fl. HTS2Wi-YE5.99 CODENAME M-ATT na)rig on dnvf BYRITE SOFTWARE £1.99 EACH SPECTRUM Splitting Images, Mailsrrofn r \ru-Ca"c r 10th Frame, Expfass Raad*»r, Kmetik, Comtii Game, Pole Position, MS Pec- Man, Xce J, Sfcooldare, Fighting Wamor. NB Callers tp our new shop will be most welcome bui please confirm availability before swumy out PHONE 0708-765271 - Access nnd Viu now taken 5W ii* .191 IH Aon**™ ... These are pretty sim- ple to jump over if you're lined up correctly.

Batile of Planets, 3 Weeks in Paradise, P£r-5 Trading Co, Cdsitnc Shock Absorber, Mikle, Koroma flifl P Hi via, Prodtgy, Revolution, Fifth Quadrant, Galvan, lea Temple. Sa^ Combat, Futura Kmqht, Highlander, Red Scorpion, Xeno, Rogue Trooptfr, Chuckle Egg II. Wk WSBS-H 'ittfi LH "' ;a 5JI 150 :-.■ ^'./ d G*-ft5SM*ltfi G»i*I*h Guild Df Thntt.. You shouldn't find any real difficulty there unfess you try to enter a room that has been blocked.

Untewvibio Uiii"M Wt-f A'rf M«nl LDnihin Wim Et Q^mfli Bdffl 'ftcrdflftov n hm Wtf'Id Gann X*CJlflf K i d d u i Vic Ar Knngl VAH^in Paradi Kll W:-- Harnp#rfj Aiddioiij Jl IM^figh Ekccri H»dguv Cc-^lrton l Hfe DMftno 1 Gfcrv FACup'GGrt Hll 900 E« 5i0 5» E.» t» 4« 310 tot 150 IN IN IN 2U IN &N (.00 i50 ISO IH IOj H IN 55^ tn 5.20 IN &2D 540 IN IN IN J DC 5,00 200 ua IN IN 5M IM *Ji IH 1J1 IN 250 1150 in u IN 100 IN MO IN LH Ir Ji KTl WIl B ■ IIW-.'OC 2. 3* fcr u V*crpim Jrj wmit Qtww bri*» vxr H 26 r ( . , 49 200 DATA l67,97 f 1*75,0,91 205 DATA 96,224, J 7, J 1^224, 36 210 DATA 194,224,12,206,224,14 213 DATA 220 , 224 , 25 , 255 , 224 , I 3 ill Mi h' : 1 1 ■■IM mm • * ■ * s I m m it 1 m tm 1,™. *t POKE f v l 25 LET t=t w*a: LET w=w l 3B NEXT i 40 IF t magazine? Rolling Thunder is very much like an immensely superior Kung-F'u Master, The grapf and animation are great, and It looks like there's enough gameplay lis keep you occu for many long sessions The oat successful coirvop conversion I've seen for a long times HWi DER ARCADE kiviih 3 e o I & I ! I o * * * s E CJ« |TO^ficir K*x|i(te Kicxsija«| J* ^ r_ u T_ oj r 'i isj otct] 2 £ ill SINCLAIR UEEA FEBRUARY 1£6a Combat School A is a rather dashing new re- lease from the people at Ocean.

c *t and 10 id otf dl Mn Hf J*# TJwr S*wl- j«crjoi F - dan/ig ul ptf*Bl nni * A MAIL MERGE - flam* and addh M j /j^j ore cr**i«f wtih ihr mpmc Pit JLW Data \fjir ptoijram, uhrfmoi J mmw rfflfliurii ml»llrti«lrpraiirf^ ■ u«r.«r ^rr Prtrt* toffic pnttfu. a RANDQWI7E USP 327 6B IM DATA 221,33,121 ,128,217.6 105 DAT ft 6,217,221,110,0,221 l 30 DATA 102,1,221,79,2,6,0,17 115 DATA , 1 25 * 237 , 1 76 , 33 , 93 120 DATA 120,1, 7,0,237 ,176, 30 125 DATA 231 , 1 95 , , 1 25 , 221 , 35 1 '.0 DATA 221*35,221 ,35,217, 16 135 DATA 217,217,33,249,232,17 140 DATA 167,251,1,30,3,237.176 L3M tf ATA 62, 195,50, 194,254 ,33 155 DATA 72 , I 28 , 3* , 1 95 , 254 , 195 ita DATA 169, 254 , 205 , 29 » ^54 , 1 75 L70 DATA 50 , 64 , 255 , 33 , 99 , i 20 , 1 7 i/: 0ATA 217, 254 , 1 , 25 ,0 ,237 , 1 76 tea DATA 1 93 , 1 97 , 254 , 49 , 1 77 , 1 75 ies DATA 1 95, 37 , 128, 253, 33, 5B 190 DATA 9-2, 237 ,66, 33, SB, 39, 217 195 DATA 33 , I 23 ,50 ,34 , 4 , IB? 1 HEN SUPER HANG-QN pt2 poke 2 REM tc} A, SINGH BE REH 5 CLEAR 4^000 10 LET t=0: LET w= 1 15 FDR f*3276B TO 32906 2& R£At? £ I E3 The Awesome Edition |«*l *t*r UMf pfopitr*mm«niginr Mimsr^Mi -Tcttli hpinp, hi^ ursi p.ime, Originally, ihp progrjfri was conceived jnd prog- t jmii H-d ort rhp PC hy Akii Pa M- im», j researcher in ibe Lomputer cmtnt ji rhr USSH -Uarlfim oi Scitftl • • • • • • • • • • m D n n score m much a quick reaction shoot- ern-up, you really have to plan your advance if you are lo have hope of surviving; leap to and from the balconies, «nd avo :l 9 as much aa possible; save up your bu Mefs watch out lot hoods ©merging unexpectedly from doors, and you might have a chance.

The symbol will appear and the beeping will start- Usually you are positioned in a room with a rather nasty afien type fhingy and you will have to run aorund and around until cither you manage to destroy it or unt H the beeping stops • The second variety of trap is the hidden passage type.

The symbol will once again appear and no matter how hard you try H you'll not be able to leave.

Sky Runner, Miami Vice, Tempte of Terror, Equinox, Cop-Out, Dandy, Agent Grang#, E*0lowr r Xarq. Frankenstein, Life of Harry, Specgraf, It's a Knock our, Scrdercms Shadow, Bizzicom Small Trader, Snooker, Arc of Ye sod. 6**fe Gtiyttl.- .- Utt KHV l Mil Sjr|pv PP| felfetl Comt Hl Sc Kal &M SJB ill LH 2» 4Dd i« EW 6 50 15* ::•: - ".-.if:! • Man-eating plants from Borneo can be evil little you- know-whats.

Here they are: | • Firstly, most peole realise that when you approach a corner on a bike the best thing I to do is get as close to the inside edge and hang on for _ grim death, or at least until ■ corner runs out - but in Hang On, n is best to approach a g corner right on the outside edge and then bounce around the corner at full speed After | a couple of attempts, you should find yourse H hitting _ the edge of the road and then ■ being bounced back into the road It works all the time and ■ as long as you approach the corner OK, you should miss any road -side obstacles (like | trees, signs and the odd bana- na). 420 Ml i» ui Rc^^"h*Rovfr*E, ■ Ml Rtdaunel Bi US Rara P*r^ 1M Sp K&Narupi &H Spiff iiv-QDwiin S2D Strati*** S» Bp«e^^-^ Super hn^On *■» 5«p%m.. To avoid them, either leap over them or, if you have the time, avoid them by moving to the left or right. This section can be a bit nasty n ause rather a lot of tanks come at rather high speed. H 500 t N 11 M IN EH 5» i» in UN T7N EN 590 540 Mfl Ml t M in ui dflclll HIt K 150 IN ISO IN Ml 650 55« 5* Sldi^idei Sffrlil W ;. H Combat School Super Spnnt Deathwisti T*ee Ftf\) Simulator Super Spn^J m Space Harner Renegade Atriena 187270 Tommy 143570 usual edd^ss. ^, Basket Master £5,55, Dark Sceptre f&.5b, Neburus I 6 &Ei, - ■■55, Scruples £6.95, eobsknqh £6.95, Gunahip fl.^, Freddie Hardest £5 55. Match Day II £5 55, Sravestar £6.25, Thundercst* CS-5S. B6, Elite Collection £10.50, Gauntl&n M EB.2B, D i II £5.55, MBrfbarts £5.55, Salamander £5.55, Rampage £6J rt-95, Super Hang On £6.95, N. And pari of the problem is doing that is locating the damn I thrngs. One of the more regular attempts at stardom comes from Spec- scene which is produced by a rather odd looking chap who calls himself 'Saf. However, not put off in any way, I had a quick glimpse through the pages and thought 'Hrnm', If for some obscure reason you wish to think 'Hrnm' as well, then send whatever money you can find in your pockets to Andrew Steel, 85 Kipling Way r Stowmarket, Suffolk (FT 4 1TS, ''mm. Best of Beyond, Argus Press 30 Games, Scott Adams Scoops. Trap, Nemesis, Challenge of Gobots, Hardball, Pyractrrw, S-qma 7, Wibstars, Killer Ring, Elevator Aciion. Hybrid, Stole a Million, Tfiaxos, Deadrintjar, Mounti Mick's Death ride, Krakout, Nether Earth, Infiltrator, Dinamrte Dan Pl r Fair light II, Deathsqapa, Strike Force Cobra, Gooniw^ Leaderboard, Grants Hill, Southern Belle SPECTRUM NEW TITLES Driller £10.50, Rastan f b.b S, Srdear ms £ ft.^5, Combat School £5,55, 720 £6,25, Live Ammo £6-96, Oj-un i fi.? Part of | the problem in doing that is the fact thai to find out what your mission is, you have td I locate a cinema screen. Some will be stationary when you enter ■ the screen and if you Jook around carefully (without moving anywhere) you may ■ just spot a sneeky way around FANZINE FILE Quite a spook s pod let full of funzines arrived this month and so a few have been con- signed to the round filing cabi- net unt N next month.

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SPECTRUM GAMES 1988 START EEREM^ i 3 ■orrw ► ROLLING THUNDER ► INSIDE OUTING ► MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE ► RAMPAGE ► WE GOT J EM ALL AND MORE MORE MORE! Jump, head, volley and kick (using the kick meter) with automatic deadbalt set ups and goalkeeper control DIAMOND DEFLECTION SYSTEM Tw ensures r^alistk ball ricochet with full music | and sound FK. Extra Wafadrive Cartridges 1GK £2.00 each, 64K £3.50 fiat:h Multifara One €37.95. " IS ONLY A SAMPLE OF OUR HUGE RANGE Plus H p&p; 1-3 titles 75p.: A or more £1.00 THIS Pi#3se note mar cn-^iw must he macfe pavfibte to; BYRITE SOFTWARE JSpartment! B 3-51 HI S» oscti UIIW Z5Q 150 ISO LH IH m mi m 5J0 IM Rfinfl Shirt ^'FTh Hifanpl D' Ffws&fcfi:-.. If you wtsh to fiqht off one of them r then it's pretty simple.

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