Etiquette dating after death spouse

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Many widow/widowers may wonder when is the proper time to remove an engagement ring and/or wedding ring and, after doing so, what should be done with them.

The only possible response to this question is -- do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Once a widow hits 65, the odds for remarriage fall off sharply.

Our wedding rings are still sitting in my safe deposit box waiting to be given to my sons, if they so desire. Before I said anything the jeweler chimes in "we're OK" and gives me a wink.

I never wore another ring of any type until I married again eight years after my loss.

Later on, as I met others in a similar circumstances, this topic usually came up and everyone seemed to have a different idea.

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In retrospect, if I had to do it over again, I probably would have worn my wedding band a lot longer, but, again, once I took it off, it didn’t seem right to put it back on.

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