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You’re kind and sensitive and smart, and I’ve never seen you hitting on any of the girls, and that’s exactly what she needs right now, a guy who’ll be a friend and not trying to put the moves on her while she’s recovering and getting her confidence back.” I had never had a conversation with a teacher like this before. I’m not really into dating, and I don’t even know how to approach a pretty girl like Becky.” Oops. I’d been talking too much to my mother, where I was supposed to open up like that.

That’ll probably be the next time you see her, because she’s usually alone. She’s all alone, and that’s most of the problem.” “All right, Mr. She was eating her lunch, but no one was sitting with her.

I spent the weekend practicing my clarinet, doing stuff around the house that my mom and dad were too lazy to do and made me do instead, talking to my mom some and then catching up on some homework I’d been ignoring. “Matt,” she started, after I’d got comfortable on the couch in her office Saturday morning, “why is your dad hearing from your teachers that you’re not doing much in most of your classes? You got all A’s both years before this, and now you’re slacking off? She knows more about teenage rebellion than I do, has had more experience with it, and is smarter than I am.

I don’t want to do this.” “So tell me about it, and you can leave. If you know the answer to the question you’re asking me, then you’re only asking it to get me in trouble. It was embarrassing to really talk about why I was goofing off, but embarrassing or not, she was going to have her way, one way or another, and while we could go to war over this if I chose, I’d end up a war casualty, for sure, and things would be tense in the house, and in the end, I’d talk. I knew all about my history with trying defiance on them. Also, for the past couple of years, I’d got used to doing this, to caving.

I did think her matter of fact attitude, not being afraid to discuss it, but not teasing me or making a big deal of it, helped. I felt so good, talking to her, being relaxed with her. It felt strange at first, and I did a lot of testing of the waters, looking for reactions from her.

Sure.” I could hear enthusiasm in her voice, which took some of my tension away. I wondered a little if it was because she’d seen me with a boner. I hadn’t had enough experience around girls to know if that made any difference or not. Tentatively, I began saying things I’d kept inside.

She didn’t mind they’d left her; she was spending all her time with Rob. Well, now that she’s broken up, they’re sort of gloating about it, rubbing it in, and being even worse.

“Matt, I probably shouldn’t have, but I called you in here today to see if maybe I could talk to you and maybe you could try to be friends with her.

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Instead of being the kid the other guys ask for the homework so they can copy it right before class, now I don’t have it done. I wondered if maybe this was why he’d called me in.

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