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Does consolidating student loans hurt your credit

But first you need to be sure if you're eligible to consolidate.

While you do not need to meet any minimum for combining debt under the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program, private lenders and loan companies tend to demand a minimum loan balance.

Therefore, even though your interest rate is the same or lower, you'll likely end up paying more interest.

You should be wary if a private lender promises to dramatically lower your interest rate by consolidating your federal student loans.

This is one reason that, if you have both types of loans, you may want to consolidate them separately (see below).

Also: You can also always keep separate a single loan that has especially good borrower benefits.

If you have private student loans at differing variable rates of interest, you may be able to consolidate and get one new loan with a fixed rate of interest—a good move if rates have dropped significantly since you were in school.

By doing so, you "consolidate" your student debt into a single loan.

If you graduate in four years, you will likely have four loans—even more, if you also took a private loan for additional funds.

That's Loan consolidation can simply your life, but you need to do it carefully to avoid losing benefits you may currently have—or be eligible for—under the loans you have now.

Even when you are applying through the same lender, you are basically taking out a new loan each semester or year.

Each of those loans is a separate account, so it is standard practice for students to have multiple loans reported in their history.

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Has anyone done this and if so, what were the results?