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Deep dating tantra

Included in the workshop will be several opportunities for interactive report backs where couples may demonstrate their progress during the weekend and have questions answered.

We are designing this workshop to be as close to the live workshops we have been leading the past ten years in Switzerland and although this Tantra is powerfully out of the ordinary it is also guaranteed that each couple will come away with the ability to transcend ordinary waking consciousness and move into higher realms, with their partners rather than in spite of them, as often happens in our daily lives and relationships, and the ability to merge their consciousness, creating a lasting bond.

Each arrow has been earned through hard work and hours of experience mastering several major approaches to freeing the mind,body and spirit.

Reliably and quickly, the technique identifies the location in the body of the most timely and important "issue of the day." Deeper material underlying these rocks that sometimes turn out to be boulders are then drawn up to the surface using a quiver full of hundreds of "arrows" that are all of Cupid, though at the time they might feel a little sharper and more demanding.Following introductions, basic demonstrations are offered of several Tantric Therapy and Massage techniques, followed by guided massage where couples are simultaneously shown the techniques using two-camera documentation so they always have available visual aids as they follow along and practice in the comfort of their own home or spa.We are available to help students set up appropriate treatment areas for their practice of TANTRIC HEALING and will work with every participant to enlist the webcam and software support they need to create an environment that supports their chosen level of interactivity and level of experience, so that everyone involved will feel safe to embark on this powerful journey of healing together, realizing from the start that no matter how challenging our own personal work might seem to be, no one is ever given challenges they cannot meet.The other two requirements are endless patience and the unconditional love that requires and that no personal agenda be brought to the session on the part of the healer.There are other attributes that also help and that will be taught at the workshop, the main one being precise sensitivity both emotionally and physically so that your hands or whatever other part of your body is being used to massage and activate your mate, is tuned in to their needs fully and accepting as much information as possible, as well as communicating unconditional love, including unconditional eros.

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Professional tantric treatments create what can best be described as a "Love vortex" that almost always results in full-body multiple orgasms not just now and then but reliably in every session.

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