Ddo intimidating presence

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Ddo intimidating presence

Employees rarely need to address the behavior on their own.When the behavior is not widely viewed or if it happens only in secret without witnesses, you must bring the hostile behavior to your employer's attention.(In the majority of cases, the employee will stop the behavior.They may not have realized the degree to which you found the actions offensive.) These resources will help you address a hostile work environment before the hostility escalates.They also serve as your witness to the fact that you asked the offending employee to stop the behavior.You want to put the offending employee on notice that their behavior is offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate, and that you won't tolerate the behavior.

A bad boss contributes particularly to an environment that employees may see as hostile.

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On the other hand, a coworker who tells sexually explicit jokes and sends around images of nude people is guilty of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

A boss who verbally berates you about your age, your religion, your gender, or your race is guilty of creating a hostile work environment.

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Give your employer a chance to do what's right.