David hodges and kelly clarkson dating

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David hodges and kelly clarkson dating

Clarkson has had nine of her singles become Top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

The family settled in Burleson, where Clarkson's mother married her second husband, Jimmy Taylor.

Ballerini understandably took plenty of notes, since she will soon kick off her own headlining Miss Me More Tour, with Brett Young serving as her opening act.

Since her rise to stardom following her 2002 "American Idol" win, Kelly Clarkson has become a staple to pop music and has even crossed over into the country world thanks to mentor and friend Reba Mc Entire.

"The greatest gift as an opening act is having a front row seat to watch and learn how successful artists steer their ships," Ballerini wrote alongside a humorous photo of the two of them.

"Anyone who knows me knows I have always been a Kelly super fan, but after watching her flawlessly navigate a major tour while taping "And more than all of that, the biggest lesson and reminder from this tour is the beauty in authenticity," she continued.

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Her albums have spawned hit after hit and the accompanying music videos have grown and matured as she has.

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