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It's the first of five songs co-written with novelist Polly Samson, Gilmour's wife.

His meaty guitar lines mirror the spirit of the lyrics, which reflect dissent and the redemption that lies in the freedom to choose.

Instrumental closer "And Then…" features Gilmour's expressive Strat and acoustic guitars.

I'm an atheist, and I didn't start suddenly believing in God, but the claims were that it accessed parts of your brain that were not formerly accessible, and the first couple of times I took it, I found it to be a very deep experience." Father: Douglas Gilmour Mother: Sylvia Wilson Girlfriend: Emma Gilbey (who also dated John Kerry, and later m.

I am in some ways wiser, more knowledgeable and better at doing things.

Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is not prolific.

Rattle That Lock is only his fourth solo studio album (though it follows his late band's final album, The Endless River, by only ten months).

Gilmour recorded some 35 songs for this set, some dating back 18 years. Titled for John Milton's second book in Paradise Lost, Rattle That Lock is structured as an informal song cycle to reflect the sometimes random, sometimes weightier thought processes of a typical person in a single day.

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M.." Orchestrated by's signature slow, bluesy, Stratocaster sting enters just 30 seconds in, followed by fingerpicked acoustic guitars, gentle synths, and electric piano amid chamber strings to announce the title-track single.

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