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So far the only building work down there is to the Advanced Manufacturing Park which is on the adjacent site.

It's going to be interesting watching how this large area of land develops over the next few years.

"The site is an exemplar project where people can work, live and play in a new creative environment development on a site with a long industrial past." Roger Stone, leader of Rotherham Borough Council, said: "This is an exciting new prospect, creating the potential to substantially broaden and expand the opportunities for jobs in the management and clerical sectors of our community.

"We very much look forward to receiving the planning application so that we can engage in a meaningful consultation process on this proposal." there was a story about this in look L**ds yesterday afternoon.

During that time all I've seen is huge excavators and lorries shifting millions of tons of muck to level the site.

you could argue that the waverley developers should fund it as a condition of the planning permission.

adamblade, do you know much more about the permision for the various elements to this scheme (such as the tram, hotel, 'landmark building' and the 'mini tower'). Supertram I think would need to come from the Meadowhall spur and maybe follow the existing rail line (serving Darnal in the process) to link into the propose Waverly Station Lewis, I remember reading about this particular aspect of waverley with great interest.

some fantastic information being put on this thread. Apparently the tram would link directly from waverley to nunnery.

Well, I only recently found out about the complete Waverley development (thanks to Alfie I think it was).

So I thought I'd do a bit more digging, and as we don't have a thread about this here you go.

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I am the forward planner for UK Coal who are delivering this scheme (amongst millions of others).

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